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Quakers are in the Parrakeet family.  However, most people consider them Parrots because of their excellent talking ability. These birds are the best talking small Parrot you can find.  They also love to mimic dogs, cats, phone rings, coughs, sneezes, microwaves, doorbells, and the list goes on.  They are a little larger and studier than a cockatiel, but do not have the feather dust.  They do best when fed healthy "human" food and a good quality pellet diet.  These guys can get themselves into trouble, so they should not be left out unattended.  They love to chase little balls and play with mechanical toys.  Quakers are escape artists and should have a sturdy "Parrot type" cage with a good lock.  They make good family pets and tend not to be a one-person bird.  All our Quakers are nice large birds.  We have 2 pair of normal green color, as well as pairs of Blue, Pallid (also known as Dark-eyed Cinnamon or Yellowface), and Pallid-Blue.  We do handfeed and band all the babies.  WE NO LONGER BREED QUAKERS.

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                         Pallids                                                              Blue & Split to Blue

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                       Various colored babies                                                     Babies playing

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                     Pallid  baby                                 Blue baby                              Green baby

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                            More babies!                                                              Pallid-Blue Baby