Health Guarantee


We would never knowingly sell a bird in poor health or with a problem. All our birds are disease

tested prior to entering the aviary. We do yearly aviary testing to be extra careful. All birds

should be vet checked within 5 days of purchase.  If the vet finds any disease condition or

congenital abnormalities in the bird, (not including normal bacterias which can become

opportunistic when birds undergo stress during a move)  we will refund your

money or replace the bird. This does not include adoption birds, birds with handicaps, or

documented special cases.  Birds are not guaranteed if not seen by an Avian vet. This is the

choice of the purchaser and the responsible thing to do. If a bird dies within 5 days from

purchase, (not including any accidents, mishaps, or neglect ) We will replace it with the same or

as close to the same as possible after the dead bird is taken to an Avian vet for proof and

necropsy.  We must receive a copy of the necropy report.  If a purchaser choses to have a bird

shipped, the shipping charges are not refundable.   That is money paid to the airline.


 Birdie Boulevard Aviary