(Nymphicus Hollandicus)

     Cockatiels today come in several mutations (too many to list).  They are 12-14 inches long and are native to Australia.  They make excellent pets because they are easy to tame, very docile, and the males are good talkers.  A properly cared for Cockatiel will live 20 years or more.

     After 20 years of breeding Cockatiels, we have decided to take a break.  A BIG Thank You to all my loyal Cockatiel customers who bought out my 62 breeding pairs and the remainder of the babies.  At this time, we do not have any Cockatiels left. 


4b[1].jpg        3b[1].jpg   

               Yellowface babies                          Double Factor Dominant Silver Yellowface baby

2b[1].jpg        7b[1].jpg          8b[1].jpg 

      Yellowface hen                        Yellowface baby                     Whiteface Lutino 

9b[1].jpg        10b[1].jpg          11b[1].jpg

Whiteface Dominant Silver       Dom Silver male baby               Lutino Pastelface hen

 12b[1].jpg     13b[1].jpg

                 Clear Pied babies                                           Pearl-Pied male       


       Dominant Silver Pied baby hen