Maximilian Pionus

     These birds are the hidden gems in the Parrot world.  Maximilian Pionus are medium size parrots, about 12" long.  They have a heafty body and short stubby tail.  These birds have a pleasant sweet musk smell to them.  They are very clean, NO feather dust!  They are quick to learn to talk as babies,  but no anoying screaming.  Some learn their first word before they are weaned.  These guys are social with their owners, but very protective like a watch dog with strangers.  Cage should be a minimum size of 30"  We have one pair, "Aurthur & Gwynnevere".  They are pets, but also wonderful parents.



                                         Aurthur & Gwynnevere


22b[1].jpg  23b[1].jpg  24b[1].jpg

                                                           Some of their babies



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