Green Cheek Conures           

(Pyrrhura Molinae)

     Green Cheeks are one of the smaller Conures in size.  They are 10-11" long and 65-100 grams.  These Conures are very quiet little guys.  They chirp and talk in a scratchy little voice, but they do not have the typical Conure scream.  They play like little puppy dogs, chasing balls and rolling on their backs.   Green Cheeks are also very clean birds.  They have no feather dust and are not food throwers.  They make very good pets for people with limitted space and budget.  We are no longer breeding Green Cheeks.  Our pairs have all been sold. 

15b[1].jpg             1b[1].jpg

                   Baby Yellowsides                                   Pineapple hen & normal male

      17b[1].jpg                18b[1].jpg  

           Pineapple baby                                        One clutch of Green Cheek babies


  19b[1].jpg              20b[1].jpg 

                    Babies in a row                                          Heavy Red Yellowside

010[1].jpg             06[1].jpg

    Cinnamon-Turquoise                                              Turquoise  Pair