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        Caiques are mischevious little clowns that anyone can fall in love with.  They are a small fearless, parrot with a huge personality.  These birds have no feather dust and no particular messy habits.  They can learn to talk.  A large cage (minimum size of 32") with lots of toys is needed to keep them busy.  A good diet with a wide variety of fruits, veggies, nuts and pellets is best.  They like a large bowl in which to bath.  Caiques are best known for their playful nature.  If allowed, they will ride with you wherever you go and have their head in all your business.  The White bellied Caiques are a little larger than the Black Headed and a bit quieter.  We have 2 breeding pairs of Black Headed Caiques & 4 pair of White Bellied Caiques.  Caiques are our specialty!

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